About the IC South Africa

 In 1946 Norman Farquharson decided to form an International Club of South Africa.  Because South Africa was so far away geographically from European tennis, there was little opportunity for the players, apart from those in the bi-annual Davis Cup Team and the few campaigning individually, to come into contact or to play against their international peers.

In 1934 the first overseas team visited South Africa.  Wallis Myers, the founder of the IC worldwide and of the IC Great Britain, managed a team comprising E. Maier (Spain), G. Lyttleton Rodgers (Ireland), H.G. Cooper and R.K.Tinkler (both England).   Appreciating the value of this tour in fostering  goodwill and international contact, Bob Kirby and Max Bertram, with Farquharson as the Chairman, formed the first South African IC committee in 1946.    The South African application was accepted by the Council of ICs in 1950 making it the tenth country to be affiliated.

The IC of South Africa has flourished ever since and continues to have many illustrious members.  It has regular contact with international members, both here and overseas.   Its members strive to make a contribution to ‘the game of a lifetime’ and to uphold the values personified on the emblem of the IC.

Friendship, Sportsmanship, Courage, Goodwill