Vosloorus Project

Sport is a great uniform of life - it takes us out of our everyday existence, brings us all together on a "level playing field" and shows us the opportunities we can mould for ourselves through application. 

By focusing our attention on less advantaged communities, the IC’s Philanthropy Programme hopes to give those children an alternative focus to the streets and their inherent dangers of drugs, crime and negative peer pressure. Through tennis, and the dedication and structure it provides, we hope the children in our projects will learn basics such as commitment, self-esteem, respect for fellow players, physical fitness, the benefit of nutrition and how to play by the rules of fairness - all wrapped-up in an overall feeling of fun and enjoyment.

The IC’s first charitable development programme was co-organized in Burundi by the IC of Luxembourg in 2009 with Sport Sans Frontières and the ITF.  The IC Philanthropy committee is currently supporting 10 socially uplifting programmes.   Each programme is administered by one of the IC member countries.  Please click here to find out more.

Our activities are in line with the modern IC’s Mission Statement which includes: “promoting the growth of tennis by, among other things, encouraging participation of the young and the less advantaged”. Our projects in Vosloorus (near Johannesburg) and Kenton-on-Sea (near Port Elizabeth) provide the IC SA with perfect opportunities to put something back into the game which has given us so much.

Involvement in a programme such as this allows them to make new friends, learn how to follow rules, achieve personal goals, improve their self-esteem and stay off the streets.

We hope that for some this opportunity could be life-changing!

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Philanthropy News



The one day tournaments organized by Gauteng East Tennis Association have grown in stature and numbers each time they have been held. The fourth event, which took place on National Women’s Day, attracted 210 players up from 132 on the last one. Of those 60 played in the Red ball event and 150 in the Green ball section.

This is proving to be an invaluable way of introducing new players to tournament play and the benefit to the “newbies” is that they will not come up against players far superior in knowledge and ability to them as they are grouped in sections according to ability.

It has been a boon for the development children from our Vosloorus programme and an excellent introduction to tournament playing conditions. With a maximum of eight in a section and playing just seven games they end up having played almost a full mornings tennis where enjoyment is the key factor and not the result.

We entered eight into the event, four into the red ball and four into the green ball and this brings the total number to 32 children that we have entered and for twenty four this has been their first exposure to tournament play.

For the two young Silinga sisters, Siyamthanda and Ziyanda it was “red letter” day in the red ball event and as can be seen from their picture, they are proud of their medals.

In the green ball event the new inductees Thando Xolo and Angela Nkosi really enjoyed their day and came away with more wins than losses which augurs well for the future.

The more opportunities we can give to our development players of playing in this type of event will ensure a positive growth path for them and by concentrating now on the 12 to 14 year old age group, the full benefit will be gained when they graduate to the sanctioned tournaments later in their careers.

We will continue to support this initiative by Gauteng East and are delighted that the rest of the community has ensured a continual upward growth path in numbers participating.