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After almost 100 days, the Government has agreed that our coaches can return to work albeit on a reduced basis and under strict terms and conditions. Bearing these in mind we have started to get ready for the return of our two development programmes.

With regard to Vosloorus we have applied to Tennis SA for the issue of a Covid 19 license which will allow Michael Lelosa to recommence coaching. He will only be allowed to coach a maximum of four children at any one time and social distancing must be observed at all times as well as sanitizers being available for the coach, pupils and equipment.

We are now trying to get a time table set up for those who live near by the courts and wish to come back to tennis so that a structured coaching programme can be put in place. We hope to start coaching again by the middle of July or by the end of the month at the latest depending on the response from the pupils.

Depending on when tournaments are re-introduced onto the calendar we may well hold our own tournament at the venue in either September or October after the children have had sufficient practice to make the event effective.

In Kenton-on-Sea and in a similar fashion to Vosloorus, their older girls are now moving on and they will now concentrate on the Next Gen. The coach at Grahamstown is keen to start a starter clinic for the little ones as well as run a short tournament once they are ready. It is hoped to have this programme up and running possibly in August.

There we have two older boys and one girl who we are keen to get back into tennis and to participate in tournaments at some stage before the end of the year.

It has been a long wait before the green light was given but at last we can look forward to the words “Players ready, then play.”

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