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Social IC Day in Johannesburg

Social IC Day in Johannesburg

It really was a case of if at first you do not succeed, then try, try again.  


We tried to hold a social function at the Gauteng Veterans Open tournament which did not get off the ground, but a social mornings tennis with a Christmas theme followed by brunch was well received by 16 members on 9 December at Bryanston Sports Club. 


After a week of extremely hot weather the day dawned cloudy and dull which led us to believe that we were destined to once again be thwarted, this time by the elements. In the end they proved to be on our side as playing conditions in the cooler climate proved beneficial.  


We were able to have three rounds of social tennis but within those games we did manage to put together two “matches” one mens and one mixed, of the stronger players and the competitive edge was seen to rise very quickly to the surface! The fact that both matches were were decided by a tie break just underlined the fact that the competitive spirit is alive and well even on a “social” day! 


Brunch was served to the hungry and there is nothing like three sets of tennis to work up an appetite for eggs and bacon. 


Chairman Mike Dunk welcomed and thanked those for supporting the morning and made special mention to those who came along to meet “old” friends event though they did not play. He also took the opportunity to outline what the SA IC has been doing this year and also to give news of future events including tours for the next few years as well as outlining the early arrangements for the 70 thbirthday celebrations for the SA IC.

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