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April 2022
Changing of the Guard at Vosloorus

Changing of the Guard at Vosloorus

Like all things in life, nothing stays the same for ever. We have come to that situation in the development program at Vosloorus.

Michael Lelosa has been the sole coach there since inception in 2011 and has done an incredible job in getting players to the level whereby they can compete in tournaments, win a provincial title and represent their province in inter provincial tournaments.

Michael has felt the need to earn additional monies to provide for his family and this we do not have a problem with. We all need to do that! The bottom line is that he will not be available for some afternoons during the week to coach the kids.

We have restructured the program to allow him to take on this additional work and have brought on board Sanele Saul to assist with the coaching. Sanele is a product of the program and acquitted himself to become the best young boy player we have produced. He has been assisting Michael for a while now, but the time has come to incorporate him fully into the program as coach.

We have decided to concentrate on the group of around 10 players aged from 10-14 and have made them into our Super Squad. These children have already proved themselves by competing very favourably in tournaments and some have played inter provincial.

 In view of their ages we have at least four years to work with them to ensure they improve and move to the next levels.

In view of Saneles tennis ability, he will exclusively coach the Super Squad on two afternoons a week and Michael will continue to coach them on a Friday and Saturday. By doing this we will be given these players concentrated training on a very regular basis. Sanele will also oversee the younger and new children on the other afternoons and we will add to the coaching team for the afternoons that Sanele is coaching the Squad players.

It was pleasing to note that last Saturday there was a new intake of very much younger players to the coaching. This is a good sign that the children of Vosloorus want to play the game and we will do everything in our power to ensure they get the right grounding in their formative years.

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